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Installing vCenter 5.1 on Windows 2012: Profile Driven Storage installation error October 1, 2013

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I ran into an issue with vCenter Server 5.1 in my Windows Server 2012 lab. The vCenter installation fails with this error message.

Trying to manually start the vCenter service didn’t work as it was looking for a dependent service.

I stumbled on this tip from an online forum. Details and link below:

For those not aware, ESXi 5.1 was released today. Has official Win 8 and Server 2012 compatibility and in addition to that you can actually see the console when the client is run from Win 8 now.

I also upgraded vCenter which was interesting. Gets a little more complex with multiple services now. Now to get to the reason I’m posting (because someone on the internet somewhere will come across this) – I attempted to install vCenter on Windows Server 2012. The installation fails just before it tries to install the vSphere Profile-Driven Storage Service.

Here is why – to install that service, the Vcenter service needs to be running. However, the vcenter service does not start properly in windows server 2012. This is due to a missing dependency. In particular, the VirtualCenter Server service relies on the ProtectedStorage service which was removed from Win8/Server 2012. The work around is the following (at your own risk) – open regedit and go to \System\CurrentControlSet\Services\vpxd and the

Open the DependOnService key and remove ProtectedStorage from the list. Reboot the machine and the Vcenter service should come alive (might take a while). Then restart ONLY the vcenter installation again once everything has come up (you need to wait for vcenter service to come alive which can take a few minutes). The install will continue from where it kicked off and finish.

So the short version is, when the vcenter install fails, go to registry and remove ProtectedStorage dependency from the vpxd service, reboot and it should work. Restart the vcenter install and it will finish as per normal.

There is how I got vCenter working on Server 2012. I also installed the Web Client service without an issue.

Obviously vcenter isn’t officially supported on Server 2012 so it is a work around. Hopefully this helps someone else like myself who upgrades there 2k8r2 install to 2012 just to see and then finds vcenter dies



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